Mitigating Multi-Target Attacks in Hash-based Signatures

Andreas Hülsing, Joost Rijneveld, and Fang Song

Abstract: This work introduces XMSS-T, a new stateful hash-based signature scheme with tight security. Previous hash-based signatures are facing a loss of security, linear in performance parameters such as the total tree height. Our new scheme can achieve the same security level but using hash functions with a smaller output length, which immediately leads to a smaller signature size. The same techniques also apply directly to the recent stateless hash-based signature scheme SPHINCS (Eurocrypt 2015), and the signature size is reduced as well. Being a little more specific and technical, the tight security stems from new multi-target notions of hash-function properties which we define and analyze. We show precise complexity for breaking these security properties under both classical and quantum generic attacks, thus establishing a reliable estimate for the quantum security of XMSS-T. In particular, we prove quantum query complexity tailored for cryptographic applications, which overcomes some limitations of standard techniques in quantum query complexity such as only considering worst-case complexity. Our proof techniques may be useful elsewhere. We also implement XMSS-T and compare its performance to that of XMSS (PQCrypto 2011), the most recent stateful hash-based signature scheme before our work.

Paper: 2016-05-02

Source code: 2016-03-05
The source package contains two branches of XMSS-T: a 'clean' implementation, and an experiment setup that allows for somewhat more flexible configuration (e.g. m not divisible by 8, n unequal to 256). See Andreas' homepage for an overview of XMSS code.

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